Don understands sad clown.

Sad Clown Don Draper

Don understands sad clown.


My “Sad Don Draper” Submission

Captain Hammer getting Penny makes Don Draper sad.

MAS – EI – Spring 09 – Final Projects

MAS – EI – Week 7

We are going to cover as much of this as you can handle in one class.
It’s a lot of information and Dreamweaver handles about half of the portions for you.

-The web design process
-What is HTML?
-Should You Learn HTML
-Linking Basics
-Creating Links
-What is CSS
-Why use CSS
-Using DIV and SPAN
-setting a class or id attribute
-Turning Off Borders using CSS
-setting WIDTH & HEIGHT
-setting the ALT attribute
-using Thumbnails
-linking to Other Media,
-CSS Background Studies (Tiles & Tiling Backgrounds,
-Pattern Sizes, Full
-Screen Backgrounds,Background Code, Seamless Tiles)
-Web File Formats: Bitmap(raster) or Vector?
-File Size and Downloading Speed,
-Making Small JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs
-Hybrid Images (Using HTML to fill Image space)
-What size do we make our layouts?
-Screen Resolution
-Using Kuler to select colors.
-BODY Colors, link Colors, font Color
-Embedding Flash, Movies